Instant Pot – Game Changer

So, I feel like a 63 year old, retired woman with lots of cats and no friends as I sit about to write a blog post about an instant pot, which is basically a combination between a pressure cooker, steamer and a slow cooker. But, seriously, it’s a game changer!

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Relighting my yoga fire!

Yoga to me is like a bit like a TV series, I go through times where I think its the best thing ever and I want to watch it all the time, but then there are times I feel less in love with it and I could totally miss a few episodes and not really care.
(Really, I am a bit like this with exercise full stop, as mentioned in another blog post) 
But it feels different this time, I think its more because I am doing it for me, because it makes me feel good, and not so much because Yoga is just, like, oh my god, so on trend, and it you don’t do it, you’re a loser!

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Mega red thai chicken soup

So I cooked this up using left over chicken, and any veg I had, its amazing and has now become a bit of a favourite. Yes I do cheat and use a red thai curry paste, but I always buy a high quality organic one with no nasty rubbish in it. The reason being, that I love to make this meal quickly as a deep flavoured speedy supper, making a curry paste, is not quick.

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