A giant leap

For a while now I have known this leap I have finally made was going to happen. I just had to wait for my mind to catch up with my heart..

Over the years I have sought a lot of help from natural therapies and professionals. Including accupunturists, naturopaths, nutritionists, kinesiologists, cranial sacral therapists, nutritionists and homeopaths. You name it, i’ve probably experienced it. All in the hope of feeling good, better and balanced.


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Relighting my yoga fire!

Yoga to me is like a bit like a TV series, I go through times where I think its the best thing ever and I want to watch it all the time, but then there are times I feel less in love with it and I could totally miss a few episodes and not really care.
(Really, I am a bit like this with exercise full stop, as mentioned in another blog post) 
But it feels different this time, I think its more because I am doing it for me, because it makes me feel good, and not so much because Yoga is just, like, oh my god, so on trend, and it you don’t do it, you’re a loser!

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Body confidence and body image – my thoughts

So, I am not gonna sit here and provide the inspirational body confidence, love yourself wisdom I wish I could impart upon you all, because in all honesty, I am still on that journey myself..

I have a selection of books, I am going to begin to read my way through, all written by people I am truly inspired by with their books aiming to help you embrace your body, love your self, gain self worth, become more positive, conscious and  mindful. Plus tune out to the media bombardment of the “picture perfect” body type.


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