The joy of local health food shops

Always preferring to support local business’ has ended in disappointment over the last few years due to the lack of health food shops near me. But this has all changed and I am super excited!

This blog post is essentially an appreciation of the amazing health food shops around me locally, it makes me so happy to be able to go into a store, buy the bits I need and love, supporting a local business. Instead of shopping online or stocking up when I go to London.

Here are my ultimate favourite places and why. If you are going through Henley on Thames, or Summertown in Oxford, check them out!

Modern Baker – Located on the hight street in Summertown, Oxford. Possibly one of my favourite places, they have an amazing range of organic breads, cakes and pastries using only traditional grains, sourdoughs and natural sugars. Delicious daily salads, lunch options and sweet treats. A fridge packed full of delicious
modernbaker_05 drinks and other bits. As well as fully stocked shelves filled with healthy and tasty store cupboard must haves. They do amazing coffee, matcha and turmeric lattes, healthy hot chocolate, smoothies, a huge range of teas, kefir, kombucha and more. The staff are incredibly friendly and helpful. I buy all of my bread from Modern Baker. It’s all amazing sourdoughs, using traditional and organic grains. They have rye, gluten free, grain free and chickpea sourdough. As I only go to Oxford every couple of weeks, I tend to buy a few loaves at a time as they freeze and defrost so well, keeping my sourdough fix going until I next get to Oxford.

Wild Honey – Located in Summertown (and in East Oxford but I have never been to that one). Wild Honey stock a lot of fresh produce, organic and often very local. Such as, fruit, veg, garlic, yogurt, eggs, cheese, salad, so on. The also have bread (but I’ve Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 17.17.41.pngnever tried it, loyal to Modern Baker in the bakery department). Wild Honey boast a massive range of store cupboard goodies, from oats to oils, peanut butter to lentils, wraps to salt, chocolate to pasta, all organic and wonderful. A huge range of choice and pretty much all you would need to fill up your cupboards. They also have a huge choice of supplements and beauty products, with some interesting and not often seen products. Natural, no nasty make up, perfumes, skin care. A good choice of cleaning products, and some lovely jewellery. I’m sure I haven’t mentioned a number of things that they have, because you could pretty much do most of your shopping there!

Bodywise – Located in Henley on Thames. One of the best things about Bodywise is their knowledgeable starevolve-bodywise-henley921.jpgff, they are so helpful and know their products inside out which means whatever your ailment, they know what to offer you. They stock a good selection of dry health foods, store cupboard essentials and a small selection of chilled and frozen goods. Household and cleaning products. They also stock herbal and homeopathic rem
edies, loads of nutritional supplements, and a big range of beauty products

Willow Basket – Brand new and in Henley on Thames, very excited about this shop! 16939143_179584382540249_4424711137754362887_n-1.jpgI love the idea of what the Willow Basket is doing, they have bags upon bags and jars upon jars of dried goods. Nuts, oats, flours, seeds, spices, a huge selection. Mostly organic. You basically can take in your own jars and fill them up with however much you want, or they will weigh out whatever you need. It’s a great way to do it. I have a box of jars ready to take it and refill my cupboards. They also have a selection of prepackaged products, tins and jars etc. Plus some amazing ice-cream! Can’t wait to see how this place develops, but I love it already.

True Food Co-Op – Based in Emmer Green, Reading. The True Food Co-op is a not-for-profit community shop in Reading, Berkshire which sells local, ethical, wholesome and CV0e--iWIAAOSv5.jpgorganic food, toiletries and household goods. I love this place, purely based on the ethos of what it’s all about. Set up by a small group of people who came together to discuss how best they could source affordable organic food who then pooled their resources to buy organic foods in bulk, through a progression over the years it has now become a successful and viable business based on strong ethics and principles. It’s an amazing shop stocking, bakery goods, body care and beauty products, chilled and frozen foods, dairy and alternatives, drinks, baby care products, huge range of store cupboard essentials, fruit and vegetables, loose foods, household goods, meat and local food. You could pretty much do your whole shop there!