Relighting my yoga fire!

Yoga to me is like a bit like a TV series, I go through times where I think its the best thing ever and I want to watch it all the time, but then there are times I feel less in love with it and I could totally miss a few episodes and not really care.
(Really, I am a bit like this with exercise full stop, as mentioned in another blog post) 
But it feels different this time, I think its more because I am doing it for me, because it makes me feel good, and not so much because Yoga is just, like, oh my god, so on trend, and it you don’t do it, you’re a loser!

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 09.24.14.png
I can thank my friend Isie for my newly ignited yoga bug. She is a badass yogi herself, and inspires me with her bendy body and amazing positive attitude. She is a yoga teacher and runs  facebook/YogaPadHenley  instagram/yogapadhenley

I have been good for the last couple of months and exercising more frequently, doing Barre and some Hiit, but I seemed to be putting off doing yoga and stretching, even though I am fully aware that this is a hugely important part of my fitness, and I need flexibility to be good at everything else.

After speaking to Isie, I thought, right, I need to book in for a class with her, and just quit messing around. I was already pumped thinking about it as I knew it would be fun with her anyway. So Saturday all planned, 10am Ashtanga class with Isie.

But my other lovely friend Emma, suggested doing an Iyengar class at 8.15am, I thought what the hell. Haven’t done Yoga in weeks, so why not be mad and do two classes back to back.  (Amazing Iyengar classes at yogacentralplus Henley for anyone interested! Plus Isie’s Ashtanga classes)

Oh my god, it was amazing. The Iyengar with the wonderful Jo at class  yogacentralplus Henley opened me up and stretched me out, I felt awesome. Plus a bit crunchy and sore, it’s been a while. It was just what I needed to wake everything up and bring space within my whole body. Then onto Isie’s fast paced, entertaining and challenging Ashtanga class, but whaaaat I could do things better than I ever had before, it was such a great feeling. Coming into the Ashtanga class warmed up, stretched out and open from the Iyengar class made it so amazing.

I loved it so much, and I felt really energised for the whole of my day, I have decided that this will be my new Saturday morning routine. Not only did I thoroughly enjoy my yoga classes but it has reminded me why I love yoga, how good I feel focusing on my body in such a different way to pilates, Barre or Hiit or whatever else.

So much so, that since then I have been doing 5 Surya Namaskara A’s and B’s (sun salutations) every morning. Even when I feel stiff and crunchy and it feels like the last thing I want to do, I set my intensions and doing the first Surya Namaskara A feeling like a pensioner, but then my body wakes up, lengthens out and I feel good, warm and energised. So much so, I have followed it with a workout of some sort afterwards.

It feels like a new relationship has been formed with yoga this time around, I think before I was doing it because I knew it would be good for me, and everyone was banging on about it, and all the hot bod, awesome women do it. So I got sucked in and did it, but my mind wasn’t there, it made me feel good but it wasn’t true love. This time I am infatuated, its a new love affair that I hope will continue. Who knows, maybe i’ll start meditating next.. Ha.