I wish I had a dinosaur to get me to workout more!


Will power, is an enviable trait I think. I admire and can be jealous of that as much as I can be jealous of someones amazing figure or awesome personality!

I think my will power works on a part time basis. I’m a bit all or nothing. Once I’m on it, I’m on it. I will work out nearly every day, and I get into a proper routine. But the second I miss more than a couple of days, boom thats it, nothing for a couple of weeks. This pattern, seems to happen quite a lot.

Sometimes illness or being crazy busy does get in the way of getting back on track, but sometimes the little lazy devil on my shoulder makes up any excuse not to work out, and I listen! Then all of sudden, I’m like whooah! Whats going on, I haven’t done any exercise for weeks, I feel unfit, squidgy and annoyed at myself for not staying on track, not only because its good for my body, but I do also enjoy it when I do it.

Today, I had a word with myself, after 2 weeks of no workouts, I was ill for a week and the second week was just a write off, busy and lazy, plus I had the ultimate female monthly excuse.

I am determined that I am going to stay on track with moving every day, I am not gonna set myself targets of hardcore workouts, tons of cardio and running. I am gonna create a balanced and flexible plan, incorporating, going for walks, yoga, barre, a bit of cardio/HIIT and whatever else takes my fancy.

Im much better with doing little and often, as apposed to big workouts less often. So my plan is to do something everyday, but only 20-45 mins. Trying to keep it manageable within my day, mainly so its harder for me to find an excuse not to!

Im also going to push myself to do it in the mornings before work, I’m not a big morning workout fan, but when I plan to do it afterwork, I often get home, its late I want to cook dinner and chill out, so the workout bites the dust! At least if I do it in the morning, there is less chance of an avoidance situation and it will be over and done with.

I really admire the people who workout like clock work and have it be a big part of their daily routine. I want to get closer to that, but I am also aware, life is made for living, and sometimes that means, sod the workout!



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