Getting my self educated!

So exciting and possibly challenging times are ahead for me now. I finally decided to stop procrastinating and get booked on some courses, preparing to expand my knowledge and skills.

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For a long time I have been keen to gain more knowledge on nutrition, and healing your body though diet. My first step was to buy cook books with this being the focus. A favourite being the Medical Chef books, by Dale Pinnock. The recipes are so delicious and he shows on each, what the ingredients or the recipe as a whole is good for within your body, or a particular ailment it would work well for.

When I initially changed my diet, I was focusing on eating certain foods to support my restricted diet at the time, which was to help me recover from various ailments. It was a bit mundane and unsatisfying, so coming across his books and others that were similar was so refreshing and exciting.

I have followed Dale on social media and was thrilled when I saw that he was creating a course, as his ethos seemed to sit so well with me. I had been hunting around for a course to do to further my knowledge in nutrition and diet so it felt made to be.

A couple of days ago, I pulled my finger out and have signed up, I am looking forward to cracking on with the course work and studying. Brain, you better be ready!

This course is in “Culinary Medicine integrating the very latest in nutritional science with practical culinary expertise. The result is a flexible, hands-on diploma course that provides you with the opportunity to discover a new radical approach to health and wellbeing, based on facts, not fads” It “empowers you with the knowledge and tools to make food choices and develop recipes based around health.”

So to go along with doing this course, I have invested in some mega books, see image above. Most of which are recommended as supporting reading for the course. Just a bit of light reading haha!

It’s amazing how quickly you can read a book when it really interests you and its focused on what you are passionate about. I read the grain brain in a few nights!

I will share what I learn and what interests me as I work through the course.

There are also some other course I hope to do, as I have a little future plan under wraps at the moment, so all will be revealed in the future. Unless you are a mind reader, as then you may know now.

I would love to do my degree to become a qualified nutritionist, but right now, because it costs a frickin bomb, plus the rest! That is not an option.

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