Meal Prepping Rant

Honestly, how depressing does this photo look. Just imagine eating the same meal every day for a week, my tummy just cried a little bit. (not my photo, clearly)


Now I’m sure I will get some backlash from super fit, bikini competitor, food prep, gym buff, macro counting, super humans. But this is just so uninspiring.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for being organised, meal planning, and having food prepped to keep you on the straight and narrow, but seriously, the same food every day. I would just give up on eating.

What I recommend is planning out your food for the week, breakfast, lunch and dinner. This means you can create a shopping list to cover just what you need, which keeps the cost down but also means you have thought through your food. When you meal plan, and sit down on a Sunday to think of what you are gonna eat the following week, you will find that you are more conscious of planning healthy meals. You set your intentions for the week. My little tip, shop online, then you never end up with cheeky extras in your trolley.

I plan meals for each meal, and for each day of the week. Where I can, I do supers that can be big enough to go towards lunch the following day. But, I don’t necessarily eat the meals in the order planned, I go on the dates of the produce and what I feel like eating that day. But at least I know I have covered every meal. I will also go off plan, and use the ingredients I bought for a particular meal to create something different, if I don’t feel like what I planned. Such as, roast chicken, turns into chicken risotto, or stir fry. I always stock up on essentials, and stack my fridge with vegetables, to keep my meals varied.

Here’s a little very basic example of a meal plan that I do for myself.


Part of what I will be offering on Pursuit of Wellbeing is personalised meal plans, with recipes (far more exciting than this one) which will be specifically done for you, what you like to eat, taking into account your allergies and intolerances, and your health goal, also your time allowance to prep meals. I will also do plans that work for a whole family, children included, as my background is in childcare and I will be specialising in children’s nutrition as part of my course.

What you plan should excite you, you should look ahead feeling inspired to cook and not dread a boring restrictive diet, which most likely means you desperately want the things you “can’t” have!