Here we go..

Welcome to my first ever blog post. But first, a photo of me looking like an idiot.











Got to have a strong snorkel pose in your collection…

Well isn’t that daunting, given all the bloggers out there these days with their masterful articulation and typing skills!

Just putting it out there, don’t expect anything too grammatically correct, or eloquently written. I may also slip in the odd swear word here or there. Many years of working with children, so I’ve stored some up..

So, as this is my first blog, Im just gonna babble about anything as I guess it’s gonna take a little while for me to get into the swing of this public rambling malarkey.

I suppose what I want to say is, stick with me, I will get better at this.

My plan is to create a healthy living and lifestyle blog, yes I know, there are millions out there now. I’d like to think my difference is my journey with food and body image. Which I will talk more on in further blog posts. But also, this will be a sort of journal of my life, my thoughts and feelings, and my love of food!

Through my posts and my recipes, I want to…

inspire you to create delicious meals

try out new ingredients and combinations

find out why certain foods are so good for you

learn to love your body

realise you aren’t alone in how you feel

discover new beauty and health products

find out a bit about me

fall in love with food

become passionate about nutrition

become mindful and conscious about how you live your life

smile more and spread this to others

be more positive

enjoy swearing.. sorry not sorry 

pursue wellbeing in every area of your life

There you have it, a peak of whats to come.

Ciao for now