Here at Pursuit of Wellbeing you can find a whole bunch of recipes, with new ones being added weekly, and blog posts on food, nutrition, fitness, body image, and living in the pursuit of wellbeing.

I am truly devoted to living a wholesome life, seeking wellbeing through nourishing your body with delicious, healthy and nutritious food, living clean and consciously, moving your body and being mindful and positive, so you can truly thrive.

I hope to inspire others to enjoy cooking real, fresh food from scratch, to find real enjoyment in the process, so that this becomes all you really want to eat. Without feeling deprived or unsatisfied. It is so empowering to care for yourself through your diet, knowing you are putting the best into your body, and you will then get the best from your body and your mind.

I want to share this with others and I hope you enjoy it.

Eat to Thrive